Deliberate Living is definitely for everyone. It provides an excellent frame of reference for charting life’s courses. We all seem to lose focus sometimes and Deliberate Living reignites our passion. When I first heard Patrice Gordon, I felt that passion and regained a clear vision of dreams I had forgotten I had for myself. Like a flame spreads, her enthusiasm reached out. Her warmth and confidence, the certainty of her conviction, reminded me of what could be achieved with belief. She has the dynamics to elicit change.

Orencia V. Ferril, Teacher

Bahamas Academy of Seventh-day Adventists



Patrice Williams-Gordon: As a motivational/Inspirational Speaker

I have seen Mrs. Williams-Gordon’s presentations in more than one setting and each one has been a new and enlightening experience. Whether in a congregational setting, or special small-group forums, her dynamism and charisma flavors her captivating style of delivery. Each presentation is unique, rich in content, and is spiced with relevant, witty, interesting and factual illustrations. Her sensitivity to her audience keeps them in wrapped attention and encourages stimulating discussions.

Esther Elizabeth King (Mrs.)

Guidance Counsellor/Teacher.



Patrice Williams-Gordon is a very practical motivational speaker. Her presentations are very simple, clear and down-to-earth. She has the ability to reach the very young, teens, young adults, and the very old. I have had her conducting various seminars on a wide cross-section of topics at a number of my major youth events. To date participants still request her presentations on human sexuality, empowerment, deliberate living among others. All of the participants have consistently given her presentations and style of delivery high marks. I recommend her to anyone as a very wonderful presenter.

Charles P. Blythe

Youth Ministries Director,West Indies Union Conference



Patrice Williams-Gordon’s innovative approach to presenting information shows her experience and professionalism. Her captivating, inspiring, thought provoking and challenging presentations always exceed expectations.

Orlean Brown Earle, Ph.D.,

Director, Vista Counselling and Assessment Services.



Patrice Williams-Gordon is a dynamic, powerful, and sensitive presenter, who has the natural ability to invigorate life into the most mundane topic. Her affirmable personality lends itself to meet the needs of all age groups. She has the ability to reach the various subgroups of the society with family, spiritual, and social issues. She brings new meaning and purpose to life.


Gloria M Gregory, Ph.D.,

Associate Professor, Northern Caribbean University


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